Camping Gear for Delicious Sips in the Woods!

Jordie Yow

Make sure you're well equipped for your camping trips this summer! Sips has you covered with great tools to let you have delicious sips in the woods.

Just because you're camping, doesn't mean you can't have some great tasting sips. Take your camping cocktails to the next level with these durable and easy to pack items:

Scrappy's bitters sampler pack of four flavours: $35

This enamel cobbler shaker with matching jigger is a great set for shaking some delicious whisky sours around the campfire. 

Enamel double jigger: $10

Camping isn't the same without a cold beer. Instead of a 12 pack of Pilsner, how about bringing your favourite brewery with you with a stainless steel growler.

If you do opt for the 12 pack, outfit each can in a sleek koozie.

Need some durable cups to sip out of? Look no further than these 16 oz metal tumblers. Perfect for any beverage of your choosing.

Metal tumblers: $6 each

Happy camping and sipping!