Autumn Booze-themed Projects!

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Autumn is ramping up and there will be plenty of rainy days in our near-future. A great way to make the most of these rainy days is to take on a new project. How about a booze-themed project so you have something delicious to sip once you’re done?

Check out these booze-themed autumn projects to get make the most of your autumn sips!

  1. Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

Give your favourite spirit a delicious oaky taste! Soak these two charred-barrel staves in your spirit of choice. One stave for 375ml of liquor. Seal the bottle and let the liquor become infused with the staves for anywhere from 5 to 15 days, depending on your preference. Strain out with the provided cheesecloth and store as normal. Enjoy as a mixer in cocktails or straight up with ice!

Some great liquors to infuse: whisky, gin, tequila, sweet vermouth or dry vermouth.

Kit retails for $24 and available here

  1. ‘Shake, Stir, Pour’

This book is a great guide for homesteaders wishing to make DIY infusions, cordials, shrubs and bitters for delicious cocktails! With over 50 recipes for homemade cocktails, this book will give you inspiration for countless drinks!

Some of the great autumn recipes include: spice bitters, pimento dram and cardamom-kaffir lime syrup.

Book retails for $28 and available here

  1. Graveley & Sons Pathogin Infusion Kit

Make delicious gin at home with this infusion kit from Vancouver-based Graveley & Sons. Simply fill with a cheap vodka, let sit for 5 to 7 days, shake every day or so, strain with the provided filter and store as usual! This gin is a delicious cocktail mixer for anything from martinis to gin and tonics!

Infusion kit retails for $20 and available here

  1. ‘Guide to Urban Moonshining’

This book is the bible for whisky lovers! Whether you wish to dabble in distilling or simply learn about the spirited history of whisky, this book is for you! The advice provided in this book is golden as it comes straight from King's County Distillery, the oldest of its kind in New York since prohibition.

Book retails for $28 and available here.

Enjoy your booze-themed autumn!