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Simon & Kevin from Gravely & Sons

In My Backyard is a celebration of local producers who are working to make BCs cocktail scene exceptional. Gravely & Sons’ Elixir Kits have been on our shelves since day one. We love the idea of making your own liqueurs and these kits do just that! Their beautiful bottles are filled with a unique collection of herbs and spices, making it easy for you to transform a neutral liquor to a delicious infused liqueur!

We were happy Simon and Kevin were gracious enough to answer some questions for us.

Q. Who are you guys? Tell us a bit about yourselves!

A. We are extremely passionate about natural, simple ingredients blended together to make exceptional drinks. We believe that the drinks you consume should not involve chemicals or preservatives, especially if natural options are available (they usually taste better!). We do not consider ourselves bartenders, merely enthusiasts with a carefully curated collection of lascivious libations.

Q. What type of products do you make? What are they for?

A. Graveley & Sons creates infusion kits for alcohol. We hand blend natural, dried ingredients in tested recipes to allow people to easily create their own liqueurs, gin or spiced rum at home. We also create limited runs of small batch syrups, available only at craft markets... for now!

Q. Why'd you start Gravely & Sons?

A. We had a lot of fun one year experimenting with fresh-fruit infusions. So much so that we actually infused a whole rainbow of alcohols for a birthday party. It was a huge hit! A friend of ours, with an entrepreneurial spirit actually suggested that we start selling do-it-yourself kits. With a bit of research we found that nothing like this actually existed on the market, and that most commercially available flavoured vodkas were full of chemicals and artificial flavourings. There had to be a way to do this that was easier, and with simpler ingredients. Enter Graveley & Sons!

Q. What's your favourite kit?

A. It depends on a lot of factors. Is the sun shining? Kali's Tincture is a go-to for the summer months. Easy to mix, and easier to drink. Is there a fire in the hearth? Mortimer's Spiced Rum. The most surprising of our creations has been Au. It is an infusion for rum, and the result is a silky tea-like infusion with a smooth and beautiful texture. For those amateur infusers out there, this is a must-try.

Q. What type of alcohol do you recommend using with your kits?

A. We recommend something neutral and inexpensive. For vodka, think Absolut and rum, think Bacardi. Though we live in a city FULL of gorgeous local distilleries, their products already carry their own unique flavour so it defeats the point of the infusion.

Q. What type of drinks do you use your stuff with? Any recommendations?

A. With every infusion kit, we provide a limited edition recipe post card. These range from simple sours, to complex martinis—something to fit everyone's taste! Many of our infusions drink beautifully over ice or mixed with soda and some simple syrup or citrus.

Q. How do you test your recipes?

A. Grudgingly; and with pain-staking attention to detail. We sacrifice ourselves for the ultimate goal of exceptional alcohol experiences.

Q. Do you guys do other stuff around town?

A. Outside of our work with Graveley & Sons we both work full time, so we don't often find ourselves relaxing! We can be found at craft markets or putting on corporate events. Beyond all of our work we really enjoy a nice glass, and building our collection.

Q. Where do you like to drink in Vancouver?

A. We love the vibe in Gastown—and all of the unique things the bars there do. Bambudda, Guilt & Co. and The Keefer Bar are some of our favourites for a wide cocktail selection, but lots of bars and restaurants will have an exceptional cocktail or two. Sometimes you just want a great beer, in which case we consider St Augustine's our local.

Q. Who is Mortimer?

A. Mortimer is the patriarch of the Graveley & Sons brand. He is seldom seen in public.

For the full line of infusions available from Gravely & Sons, check them out here.