Our Philosophy

Sips is a store for the home bartender. We aim to carry everything you need to make any craft cocktail, minus the booze. We’re a resource of tools, tips and techniques.

Sips’ collection of products has been curated, choosing the most unique, well-made and exciting products for your home bar. We offer new and vintage pieces, carefully selected by the shop owners.

We aim to foster a community of tasteful drinkers who are eager to try new things and perfect old classics. No matter your experience, we offer a wealth of resources to ease you into the rewarding lifestyle of home bartending. Check out our blog for advice and information on techniques, as well as our collections for a full range of products that is constantly expanding!  If there is anything we’ve missed, or you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Sips is about creating and encouraging others to create. We’re about process and we’re about experimentation—with recipes, inspiration, ingredients and tools. We’re about helping you choose the tools for the drinks you make, and choosing them based on where they’re from and how they’re made. Sips offers a unique and curated selection of bartending equipment, accessories, recipe books, ingredients and other items of home bartending inspiration.

Welcome to Sips!

-Darcy and Jordie, owners of Sips